Improve productivity and profitability by helping your employees quit smoking.
Help Your Employees Quit

In Oklahoma, smoking accounts for $1.73 billion in productivity losses each year. Annual healthcare costs directly related to the health effects of smoking amount to $1.62 billion. These estimates account for increased healthcare costs, higher absenteeism, work time spent on smoke breaks, higher life insurance costs, greater risk of occupational injuries, tobacco-related diseases and other factors. 

Helping your employees quit smoking benefits them, but it also benefits your business. Tobacco prevention and cessation efforts help reduce insurance rates and increase worker productivity.  

If you operate a business where smoking is still allowed by state law, making your business tobacco-free is a key step to helping your employees quit smoking.

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Support for Cessation and Policy Implementation

Are you a business owner interested in helping employees quit smoking? Is your business considering smokefree or tobacco-free policies?  Many resources are available to help you create a smoking policy and providing support for employees who want to stop smoking. 

Center for the Advancement of Wellness
Oklahoma State Department of Health
(405) 271-3619