Help your patients start a healthy, tobacco-free lifestyle.

Help Your Patients Quit

The dangers of smoking reach far beyond lung cancer. Smoking complicates conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and postsurgical healing. It reduces fertility for patients who are trying to get pregnant and contributes to numerous serious health conditions. 

Doctors can play a big role in helping patients become tobacco-free. You can offer resources, medications and support to patients as they make the choice to become smokefree. Several physician associations and nonprofit organizations offer additional resources for helping patients quit smoking: 

Free Helpline Materials

Order free promotional materials that you can distribute or display in your office

Toolkits & Guidelines

Help for providers and systems

Are you a healthcare provider or healthcare system interested in helping patients quit? Resources and best practices are available to help reduce the impact of tobacco use on patients and clinical staff. The Center for the Advancement of Wellness at the Oklahoma State Department of Health offers technical assistance to help mitigate the dangers of smoking: 

  • Environmental assessment, policy development and change implementation to communicate a tobacco-free vision.
  • Support for implementing a systems change approach to tobacco control. The process creates a tobacco-free environment for employees, patients and visitors while creating a structure for assessing and treating patients for tobacco use.
  • Assistance in implementing a fax or EMR referral system for the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline.
  • Other technical assistance and training for tobacco cessation within the healthcare setting.

Cessation Systems & Healthcare Systems Initiatives

Center for the Advancement of Wellness
Oklahoma State Department of Health
(405) 271-3619 

Members of the Oklahoma Hospital Association may also contact OHA for assistance with integrating cessation support into their hospital system: 

Oklahoma Hospital Association
Joy L. Leuthard,  MS, LSWA
Manager, Health Improvement Programs
Oklahoma Hospital Association
4000 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK  73105
405-427-9537  phone
405-424-4507  fax

E-cigarette information

E-cigarettes and vapor products have become increasingly popular and accessible in Oklahoma. This development has raised many questions about the effects of smoking nicotine vapors. The Oklahoma State Department of Health website provides additional information about e-cigarettes and vapor products

Additionally, the following organizations have released statements about the potential dangers of smoking e-cigarettes: 

Continuing Medical Education Credits (CMEs)