Many women who smoke are surprised at how great they feel after they quit smoking.

Here are four benefits many women smokers experience after they quit smoking:

  1. Feeling more in charge
    Women who quit often say they feel more in control of their lives because they don’t need to plan their lives around smoking. They don’t have to worry about finding places to smoke or bothering others when they smoke.

  2. Smelling better
    Many women say they’re happy they quit smoking because their hair, clothes, homes, cars and breath no longer smell like smoke. They also report that they can smell foods, flowers and other pleasant scents better.

  3. Having fewer worries
    Women smokers who quit often feel that they have fewer worries because they’re not always making sure they have cigarettes. They also have more money and don’t have to worry about their health as much after they quit smoking.

  4. Looking good and having more energy
    Many women say feeling healthy is one of the biggest benefits of quitting smoking. They have more energy when they walk, play with their kids or do something active. They also report that their skin looks healthier.


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